ArtMesh software automatically generates quadrilateral surface meshes. Initial data for meshing is triangulated surface mesh (STL).
In other words, ArtMesh converts triangular facet into quadrilateral. Hard edges of initial mesh are saved into the final mesh.

Latest free trial version 3.4.558

ArtMesh User Manual

Full & Free versions
Free trial version has restriction: number of cells of input surface mesh must be less than 6000.

Full version of ArtMesh is distributed on the base of annual license in accordance with this ArtMesh pricing.
To purchase the full version, please contact by email

Copyright and disclaimer
ArtMesh trial version is free for personal usage.
ArtMesh Software is provided “as is”, without any guarantee made as to its suitability or fitness for any particular use.
It may contain bugs, so the use of this tool is at your own risk.
We take no responsibility for any damage that may unintentionally be caused through its use.
You may not distribute ArtMesh Software in any form without our permission.
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